Round Hill Hotel and Villas

John Pringle Drive PO Box 64 
Montego Bay,  

Map / Location

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Driving directions from the airport:

After leaving the airport and after clearing the round -about, you continue left unto Queens drive, without making any turns you will end up at the stop light on Howard Cooke Boulevard. There you continue on the highway (no turns) until you get to Alice Eldemire Drive, then you make a left turn at the end of the drive. After passing the Texaco Service Station, and stop lights you then make a right turn which takes you unto the Bogue main road. Continue on the main road without any turns and you will pass the Great River Bridge. Once you pass over that bridge, you are approximately minutes from Round Hill , located on the right hand side.

Nearby airports: Montego Bay [Sangster], Jamaica
Distance: 8 miles, 30 minutes by car