Hotel Sacher Wien

Philharmonikerstrasse 4 
Vienna,  1010

Restaurant "Rote Bar"

Enjoy traditional Viennese specialities in this elegant and stylish one toque restaurant! You can either sit in the black and white floor-tiled glass conservatory facing the Opera House or in the grand, dark red damask dining room with large oil paintings and crystal chandeliers. The windows of the conservatory are folded away in summer to make a large open terrace. Live piano music in the evenings adds to the ambience.

Restaurant "Grüne Bar"

The restaurant "Grüne Bar" is a fine-dining restaurant serving creative, international dishes in the most unique atmosphere. Presented with two toques, head chef Dominik Stolzer creates a new menu every few months to continue stunning our guests. It also features the world's largest Anton Faistauer art collection. Try the 'Blind Date Dinner' and let our wonderful staff make the choices!

Café Sacher Wien

The quintessential Austrian café in the heart of Vienna: A must for every visitor Café Sacher Vienna offers the perfect chance to sample a typical Viennese coffee-house atmosphere and – of course – to treat yourself to an Original Sacher-Torte. The Viennese coffee-tradition includes many specialties like 'Einspänner' and 'Fiaker', which you can enjoy in the lovely setting that inspired great artists since 1876.

Blaue Bar

Sacher’s legendary Blaue Bar is the place to go for an aperitif, to meet friends before the opera or have a drink after dinner. It is richly decorated with dark blue brocade walls, crystal chandeliers and lushly couches, creating a snug, cozy atmosphere that brings to live the bohemian, intellectual Vienna of the early twentieth century.

Sacher Eck

The new Sacher Eck spreads over two floors, allowing for even more space to enjoy a glass of wine or delicious Sacher treats. On the newly created first floor, guests enjoy cozy seats, welcoming séparées and a magnificent view to the Vienna State Opera.
The new Sacher Confiserie impresses with majestic white marble and the introduction of a new sales concept that focuses on visual, tactile and overall interactive shopping experiences for the customers.

Salon Sacher

The Salon Sacher has opened with a fresh and unexpected design that pays hommage to the flair of the french 1920s with a re-discovered stucco ceiling. It serves food you would have found on Anna Sachers menu, paired with classic cocktails with gin and absinth, like Hemingway's „Death in the Afternoon".