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Local Unique Events

•  Carnevale di Venezia

The Carnival of Venice is an annual festival held in the city of Venice and it’s world famous for its elaborate masks. During the Lagoon’s two-week Carnival celebration, all can watch and take part in the numerous events and displays filling the piazzas and main waterways of the city.

Some of the most spectacular moments during the Venetian carnival are the Flight of the Angel (or Flight of Colombina), a tradition that began with a Turkish acrobat in mid-1500s. In this amazing spectacle an artist in flesh and bone hangs from a metal cable, and, suspended in air, makes his descent from the top of St. Mark’s Bell Tower to the Doge’s Palace. Dates: 11th – 28th of February, 2017

•    International Art Exhibition

The exhibition is now at its 57th edition and it is worldwide-known to be the original Biennale on which others elsewhere in the world are modeled.
This year, the Biennale will take place from May 13th to November 26th 2017 (Preview May 10th, 11th and 12th) in the Giardini and the Arsenale and in various other venues in Venice. The title chosen by Christine Macel, curator of this year’s 57th International Art Exhibition, is: VIVA ARTE VIVA. Christine Macel has explained his project as follows:

“In a world full of conflicts and jolts, in which humanism is being seriously jeopardized, art is the most precious part of the human being. It is the ideal place for reflection, individual expression, freedom and fundamental questions. It is a “yes” to life, although sometimes a “but” lies behind. More than ever, the role, the voice and the responsibility of the artist are crucial in the framework of contemporary debates.
Viva Arte Viva is also an exclamation, an expression of the passion for art and for the state of the artist. Viva Arte Viva is a Biennale designed with the artists, by the artists and for the artists. It deals with the forms they propose, the questions they pose, the practices they develop and the forms of life they choose.”

•    Redentore Festival

Every year, on the third weekend of July Venice holds the Festa del Redentore. The oldest festival of this city celebrates the end of the plague epidemic in 1576. The religious part of the festive weekend takes place on Sunday, however on Saturday breathtaking fireworks enlighten the blue sky of Venice. In 2017, the event will take place during the weekend of 15-16th of July.

•    Regata Storica:

The traditional Regata Storica is an annual event which is held on the first Sunday of September.The Regata Storica is the most important and most spectacular of the Venetian regattas and it takes place along the Grand Canal.Originally, the event celebrated military victories or honoured foreign dignitaries visiting the Serenissima. Since recent times, it has also commemorated the glory of the past of the Maritime Republic of Venice and the beginning of the Serenissima rule over the Mediterranean islands, marked by the abdication of Caterina Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus, coming to Venice. Today, the Regata Storica entertains the visitors with a race and a historical pageant on 16th-century-style boats with rowers in traditional period costumes. Date: September 3rd 2017

•    International Venice Film Festival

The Venice International Film Festival was founded in 1932 and is the world’s oldest film festival and alongside the Cannes Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival is part of the “Big Three”. Being the best-known of the three events, the Festival is now at its 73rd edition, with a screening schedule that  includes 11 days of programming, various entertainments and retrospectives to major figures. Dates: 30th  August to 9th  September 2017.