InterContinental Cascais-Estoril

Avenida Marginal, 8023 
Estoril,  2765-249

Summer in Cascais

A former summer resort for Europe’s royal families, Estoril preserves the lively, relaxed and cosmopolitan atmosphere that made it famous.

This mood and its beauty were also reasons for it to have become a sanctuary during World War II for those seeking a quieter place to escape a Europe in turmoil. In the oldest hotels, you can still hear stories from those times.

It is the ideal place for family holidays. The promenade between Azarujinha beach and Nossa Senhora da Conceição beach, in Cascais, is perfect for a walk, feeling the sea breeze on your face, or for a bicycle ride. And you will always find it hard to resist a dive in the white, fine sandy beaches or in the Tamariz swimming pool. The sea is a permanent fixture. Whether for a late afternoon reading or dinner while watching the sunset, this is a place of choice.

Amid the mansions and the quintas, in a microclimate affording mild temperatures all year round, the Portuguese Music Museum, at Casa Verdades de Faria, is a good reason for a visit to Estoril.

The grand Casino is still a point of attraction. You cannot only try your luck in Europe’s largest casino, but also enjoy a variety of events and exhibitions which makes a major contribution to local entertainment, which continues in the beach bars.

In summer, between June and September, FIARTIL, the oldest arts & crafts fair in the country, which is held here every year, is an opportunity to discover traditional crafts and taste the wide variety of regional produce demonstrating the excellence of Portuguese gastronomy.

Rest Days Next to the Atlantic

Stop. Listen. Relax

Switching from the stress of everyday life to the calm of a seaside village, with nature making a strong contribution to the wellness of each one, it´s a good idea. An excellent idea, by the way.