Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort, Elounda, Crete

P.O. Box 38 Elounda
Crete,  72053

Voyages to Remember

For a truly mesmerizing experience get on board our traditional caique, travelling on the crystal-clear waters around the Mirabello Gulf and unlock some of the most authentic surroundings. Immerse yourself in awe-inspiring landscapes and pristine blue waters for utmost serenity and solitude.

Our traditional wooden caique is a gem, and every voyage she makes is part of a bespoke experience. This is the kind of hospitality Greeks like to share with each other; a day out on the water, in good company, with exceptional food and wine, and that is exactly what we offer.

Travel on the crystal-clear waters around the Mirabello Gulf and unlock some of the most authentic surroundings. Set off from the hotel's own jetty aboard our quintessentially Greek fishing boat and sail around the coast of Elounda and the isle of Spinalonga. Find yourself surrounded by fresh air, remote beaches, cobalt waters, and an abundance of fascinating energy.

Indulge yourself in detached surroundings – where it does not mean you are isolated from the pleasures of living – & savor a selection of Cretan wines and a platter of cheese locally sourced from dairy farms.

Epicurean Experiences

At Blue Palace we offer an epicurean journey that ignites all senses!

Cretan cuisine is the purest example of Mediterranean lifestyle; that profound wellbeing brought about by olive oil, honey, dairy, fresh fish, fruits, vegetables, and wine – dates back to ancient, Minoan Crete. Experience an unexpected dining adventure that focuses on authenticity and seasonality, within our incredible restaurants. With menus inspired by the unique characteristics of the surrounding area and focus on purity and freshness, to tantalize your senses.

Traditional Cretan cuisine truly shines at Blue Door Taverna - our signature Greek restaurant. Guests enjoy traditional Cretan cuisine at this lovingly restored fisherman’s cottage, just a short stroll down the beach, where the catch of the day is grilled over an open fire. Highlights include our unique ritual – the Cretan Feast – large bonfires are lit at our private beach while the famous antikristo lamb is prepared; all accompanied by the distinctive sound of the Cretan lyra. If you want to experience Greek cuisine with a twist, Anthos is the place to be! Local farms, our own organic, kitchen garden, romantic domed ceilings, outdoor grill, open-air garden seating and the freshest take on Greek contemporary cuisine – a farm to table tale.

Unique Moments of Togetherness

Soak up precious moments shared together as you explore our one-of-a-kind life-lasting experiences and getaways.

Embrace endless romance, with secluded walks, sunbathing, romantic cruises, leisurely lunches, and private dinners, just for two.

Spend the evening sailing aboard our traditional caique surrounded by the breathtaking natural beauty of the Elounda coastline and Spinalonga island. Set off from the resort's jetty with chilled champagne and chef’s selection of local-flavored treats, for an intimate interlude at sunset.

Leave it to us to create a wonderful setting by the beach, sprinkling romance over each sumptuous serving. Enjoy an intimate dinner, while you hear the magical sea sounds and marvel at the luminous starry sky. Or you can even indulge in the privacy of your bungalow, suite, or villa for the most romantic event.

An exceptional hideaway and a perfect place to relish each other’s company; Blue Palace is a true palace for an absurdly romantic experience.

Be Immersed in Authentic Traditions

Delight in the pleasures of Crete, its flavors, and fragrances, discover a land full of ancient myths, the birthplace of the first European civilization – the notorious Minoans – and culinary heritage anchored in a passionate love for the island’s stunning beauty and natural bounty.

Plunge into a different and dramatic kind of wilderness whether that is hiking the gorges of Crete or scuba diving in the Aegean Sea. The beauties of the Cretan coastline are miraculously diverse, with beaches of powder white, silver pebbles and pink rock.

The legendary island of Spinalonga, the ancient Minoan palaces of Knossos, Phaestos, Zakros and Malia, the Dikteon cave where allegedly Zeus was born and the Lassithi Plateau with its picturesque villages or the 14th and 15th century monasteries of Arkadi and Toplou, all offer fascinating evidence of Crete’s historic power and influence.

Across Blue Palace, the isle of Spinalonga – an official nomination for a World Heritage Site by UNESCO – lies peacefully in the Gulf of Elounda. We invite our guests to an exclusive experience, whisking them aboard our traditional boat, for a guided tour of the isle. The historical reenactment is curated by a team of archaeologists and culture experts of Discover Greek Culture.