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Mii Time Lectue Series - January

Saturday January 13 - 9:00 – 10:00 am, Library – Astrology and Relationships
For many people, romantic relationships are the most meaningful element in their lives. When we interact with others, the individual energies of our natal charts form special relationships with their individual energies. The resulting interplay is as complex and unique as our own personalities. To explore that, please bring date, time and place of birth of your partner or friend.
Kamma Bothe was born and raised in Germany. At a very early age, she recognized her talents as having psychic abilities and began studying esoteric sciences and astrology over thirty years ago. She continued her training in Germany as a counselor and therapist and received her degree in holistic medicine. With her special talents, Kamma ran her own clinic in Germany and is still known there as one of the preeminent readers. Kamma now lives in Sedona with a thriving practice at Mii amo
Thursday January 19 – 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Food & Fitness Strategies in 2018
Learn tools to shift to a strong, safe, and sexy mindset so you can set and follow through on your intentions!  Learn food and fitness strategies to achieve a balance lifestyle.  Choose an eating plan that’s right for you and head home with a 3 week plan to fuel your metabolism while fighting disease. 
Friday January 20 – 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Motivate, Empower & Inspire with Self Defense
Join the developer of the popular Stillettos and Self Defense program, Jennifer Cassetta, to learn how to be strong and confident by tuning up on your awareness and self defense skills.   Learn to create boundaries and communicate more effectively in all areas of your life
Jennifer Cassetta believes everyone has the right to feel strong, safe and sexy and it is her mission to help you do so! She wants you to feel strong, both mentally and physically, safe from predatory behavior and sexy from the inside out. Equipped with her 3rd degree black belt, Master's degree in nutrition and 17 years experience in the health and fitness world, Jennifer trains people around the country to be their strongest selves. 
Her expertise has been featured on The Today Show, The Doctors, Rachael Ray, E! and in countless publications. She has authored her first book, Hear Me Roar: How to defend your mind, body and heart against people who suck, and was a featured weight loss expert on ABC TV's My Diet is Better Than Yours. 
Tuesday January 23 – 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.  Raw and Radiant
No matter what your present eating style is, learn tools to add radiant plant based foods into your diet. Join author of Raw and Radiant (out 1/18/18) and founder of Local Juicery for inspiring tips to create your best life ever – one small shift at a time!
Summer Sanders is an author, raw food chef and founder of Local Juicery, an all organic cold-pressed juice bar and superfood kitchen located in Arizona. She is passionate about helping people bring more vibrant plant-based foods into their diets in a delicious and exciting way. Summer is known for her innovative recipes and simple, laid back cooking style. She believes food should be fun, sensual and filled with love and greens. She has contributed to The Chalkboard Mag, Our Body Book, Sakara Life, Mind Body Green, Free + Native, Thoughtfully Magazine and many more. Visit her website at www.strongandradiant.com for fresh recipes and unique spins on health and wellness. Summer lives in Sedona, Arizona with her husband Mike and her son Henry. 
Tuesday January 30 – 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.  AM I MORE THAN THE ROLES I PLAY?
Often, we’ve been on remote control, living the life of our mothers and grandmothers.  Or maybe forging our own path.  Then there comes a moment when we begin to question, “Am I more than the roles I’ve been playing?”  And in that space there’s understanding . . . and in that understanding, we can begin to create a more authentic, meaningful life. 

Speaker, Facilitator, Mentor, Author

Karen Ely is the founder/director of the Sedona Women’s Institute, one of the country’s premier women’s personal growth programs, having facilitated hundreds of programs and touched thousands of women’s lives all over the world since its inception in 2003. Karen is also the author of many well-received books, including: Daring to Dream: Reflections on the Year I Found MyselfA Retreat of My OwnBreathing Space: Mini-Retreats for the Heart & Soul21 Days of Gratitude; and 21 Stepping Stones to a More Peaceful, Meaningful Life.